What business skills do you wish you were better at?

Marketing? Design? What areas do you want to get better at? If we created some videos outside of app building, what would be helpful for you?


Definitely design :slight_smile:


Agreed :joy:


+1 :facepunch:

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@James_App_Maker, @XaverRavr, & @dilon_perera, what aspect of design do you most struggle with?

Probably UX. If you have a really bad UX design, your users will leave your app because they just think your app is to hard to use, it’s hard to do basic functions, etc.

Also, a couple of weeks ago I was reading a blog post and it said that for user testing, you must do the grandma test. Essentially, make sure anyone can use your app and navigate through it without you helping them.


I love that! Grandma test :joy:


UX and UI both. Then the user is like to use the app

I heard this test Today :sweat_smile:


I struggle with UI (you know making my app look good) but I’ve been getting inspiration from @alexbarciog he is a great UI designer! My apps are looking better now that I have improved my UI.


The grandma test is mostly a fallacy, except if your grandma is your user base. I have built many industrial machines in my life and have had many arguments with people who say “I want it simple enough so my receptionist can run it”. To which I respond “is your reception going to operate the machine”? The enviable answer is “no”. “So why would i build a machine targeting a user who will never use it rather than build a machine to targeting a user who will actually use it”?

Know your user base, if your grandma is not part of your user base, don’t use the grandma test.


Glad I helped you with inspiration. I love to see people that inspire from me, can you send me what you did? Thanks!


That’s helpful, @TKOTC. I agree to an extent. I do think the sentiment behind the grandma test is helpful though. Simplicity does not mean something isn’t powerful. Steve Jobs said, “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” And Albert Einstein said, “Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.” That’s why I love Apple. I could hand my iphone to a 2 year old and they could figure it out. Yet, people run their entire business from their iphone. That’s why design is important. You can have complex systems in the backend, but a simple design makes that complexity usable.


Yes, I will send you a preview of my app. Only the login and profile screen are looking more like a professional app. Oh, I’d also like to say that your app called “sonna” has really really good UI.


Great! Thanks! The app looks good!

I really like the signup flow. It looks great.


I kinda agree with you @jessehaywood. The signup flow is nice, but it takes a long time to fill out.

If you are a new user signing up for a new social media platform, you wouldn’t want to fill out lots of information; you would want to see what the hype is about. My recommendation is once they sign up they go straight to their feed (home screen) then at the top, you can recommend them to fill out their bio, handle, etc. (you can do handle at signup)

If I found this app on the app store and not here on the forum, I would of left it because it’s just asking me to many questions and I just want to use the app.

Otherwise, great app! :slight_smile:


I just remember Matrix movie, when he is given a choice of blue pill or red pill.

It turns out he is the one that are accumulation of imperfectness (aka complexity) that turn into simplicity that beat the rules.

Thank you!


Thanks for the feedback! I’m gonna try adding that so users will be able to sign up faster and easier.