What to put for headers and quarries

I am not sure what to put for the headers and quarry and the body and inputs,

I want this button to send an API request and whatever username is in that textbox it will send to the API. I am not sure how to add this someone help, it will also have a textbox containing a amount of numbers you wanna send API requests

Hi @iGotDinero,

Usually when you’re setting up a custom action to connect to some API, you need to have a look at the documentation of that API and see which parameters it requires.

Based on that you can set up your custom action to pass the parameters you need.

I would advice to look at the help docs for custom actions Custom Actions - Adalo Resources (have a look at “in-depth” tab). The explanation is quite detailed and shows how to integrate with other APIs based on a simple example.

Best regards, Victor.


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