What tools do you use for productivity?

It can be a Spotify playlist, a specific productivity software, or a brand of house slippers. What tools/products help you get in the zone and stay in the zone? Link to them if you can!

I use noise cancelling headphones and listen to instrumental music. I also have a standing desk that has helped tremendously. And definitely coffee :grimacing:


To help me stay productive I usually organize my tabs (if you have chrome) into different groups. It helps a lot with productivity & to stay organized! And of course, a group for the Adalo forum. :wink:


That’s cool! I’ve seen other people do that, but I haven’t quite figured out how to make it work for me.

It’s pretty simple, just right click on the tab, then select “add to group”, you can create a new group or add it to an existing group :slight_smile: