Grouped tasks - Howto

Hey guys. Sorry for the basic question but I’m new to Adalo and hope someone can help me here.

I’m trying to create a task group that the user can edit. I just can’t find a way to get it to work. I’ve tried to create the group and then inside the group’s page create a +task button but I can’t correlate to tre group.

Does anyone know any tutorial or example of how to do it?

Thanks a lot guys.

So first thing to do would be - do you have a collection called groups? Then the user would click the button to create a new group - that would then be added to the Group collection.

Create another collection called Tasks. This would have a 1 to many relationship with groups … a group can have many tasks, but a task can only belong to one group.

Then for each list you would show it filtering by logged in user if you wanted each user to see their own groups and tasks.

Hey Tony, thanks for the help.

Actually I did it but I’m having problems creating new tasks inside the group, when I try to relate to the task to the group the selector creates an infinite drop down and I can’t select the group.

So I thought if anyone have already made something like that, I could find a workaround. Makes sense?

Hey @mcampello, when you are trying to select something with the flyout, pay attention to your cursor. If it turns in to a pointer, that is something you can select. Usually the first level or two should contain what you are trying to select.

Ok, that will do it. Maybe a visual cue at the interface would help. :slight_smile:

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@zachbharris - this one seems to catch a lot of people out… maybe adding an underline in blue to the items that are clickable would help - so it looks like a clickable hyperlink or something?

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