White screen of death

I am getting the white screen of death on adalo for a month. I’ve sent in a ticket and it has been one month the developers have not fixed the issue and they do not know the problem. Any advice on how to fix this or workaround it? I don’t think it will be fixed.

If the issue is happening on just one screen, I recommend deleting components until the white screen issue no longer appears, then rebuilding the screen.

If it’s happening site-wide, try clearing your browser’s cache.

Unfortunately, us Adalo community members here don’t have access to look into what’s going on with your apps.

Unfortunately, you may need to wait until you hear back from the ticket :cry:

The adalo team keeps sayin they can’t reproduce the problem when using my app. I have reproduced the problem very easily 100+ times on several devices and so have my friends and I’ve shared hundreds of videos with them. I find it hard to believe they can’t reproduce the problem.

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