White screen on all my projects from adalo

white screen on all my projects from adalo

this is all that all users see, hello refund my money, hello status shows that everything is working fine but everything is falling apart now

This is happening to me to.

Me too. I already submitted a ticket but no response since yesterday #1258989453.

horror, i wrote to david

@Adalo_CXTeam anyone please … and still no updates on status page !!!

same here across multiple apps

this seems crazy, but with some investigation I found that this has something to do with the page size, I am increasing the screen width slightly where I am facing the issue and it is working !!! sometimes have to increase a lot depends on the custom list in the page

what is this support from adalo that is completely silent

it’s just no respect from adalo, seeing the error of not accepting anything and not informing their users


Issue has been resolved already guys.


yes I believe it got fixed :+1:

The issue was with crashing lists and it has been solved. If you still experience the same issue again, please submit a ticket asap so I may escalate that to the team immediately.

We will not be able to give running updates on the forum. We thank you for your patience and understanding!

– A