White Screen when app starts (Android)

Hi Everyone!

I urgently need help with this! When selecting the app on the Android device, it only shows WHITE (for a few seconds) and then goes to the Welcome screen! Can anyone PLEASE help me out with how to al least have the Logo / icon display upon opening the app.


Hi, @Franna. I have an android device, If you could make your app cloneable and send me the link so i could take a look and see if i can fix it :wink:

Hi Xavier!

Thanks for the reply! Where do i send the clone to?

Go to the settings button on the left of the screen, then scroll down then you will see something that says cloneable or not cloneable select cloneable then on the top of the screen click the button that says share then send the link to me

Thanks Allot man!

I did sent your the Link!

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