My Native App does not show Startup Logo but Previewer Does

Hi Adalo Community,

I am facing a small issue with Startup screen of my Native App. When it starts, then it does not show the Log Of My App.

But when I try to Open from Previewer (on Android), then it shows the Startup Logo of my App.

Please help me this issue.

Following imsage shows startup screen from Previewer on Android Phone.

Hello, Is the startup logo available as an image in a particular screen in the app?

Thank you!

My startup screen has images. But when Android App Starts-up, it does not show that screen. Instead it remains blank for 5~6 seconds approx. then it shows the startup screen.

So you mean that the startup screen is appearing but there’s a delay before arriving to it?

Yes , it is available.

What is the size of the android app?

Thank you!