Why is everything flat in the project, but in the preview everything is not

Good afternoon! I really hope for your help. I have this problem. There are icons on the screenshot, and underneath them there is text. Why in the project everything is even, but in the previews all past. Exactly when I open the preview, my text under the picture is not straight. How do I fix it?

I tried to group the text with the image, I tried to edit styles click Auto-width, I tried all sorts of alignment text in the image. I have a lot of these screens and now I have to align them all separately. The only thing that helped me before is in edit styles change the screen extension to 375*859, but after a week I got it all wrong again and now everything is crooked in previews again and not corrected. Iā€™m out of ideas.

Below is a screenshot of how it looks in the project and in the preview.



Hey there @Vadim,

Put an invisible rectangle behind the image and the text and group all 3 of them together.

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