Why is there so much space at the bottom of the screen in preview?

I have some screens in my app that show a huge amount of white space at the bottom in preview, and I can’t figure out why. Screenshots attached–any help with this would be appreciated!

Hi Jessica,

I’m guessing all that space is showing because you have visibility conditions I’m all the text inputs below the first one, any reason for doing this?

Hmm…maybe I did that unintentionally? I do have visibility conditions on the icons so that I can use them them as checkbox options…

Thanks James so much for taking a look!

Do you mind removing all visibility conditions on that screen and check if it works after? If that’s doesn’t work, you can undo by pressing CTRL + Z.

It would help if you (if you’re ok with it) can send me a clone of your app so I can see hands on of what we’re working with. (Send me a private message with the link)

Thank you so much, James! Sending it over.

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