Performance - visibility conditions have a big impact!

Just sharing what I have seen and tested.

Having elements with visibility conditions on the screen have a real negative impact on the app’s performance.

I have tested screens with my original design (several visibility elements in one screen) and the same screens with the visibility conditions removed (or most of it), and the difference is crystal clear. The app performs much better.

Now, not all elements with visibility conditions can be removed because of the logic in your app and screens. But it’s an important exercise to really determine if there’s a real need for such elements or not.

In some cases, you do need them. But sometimes, you really don’t. It’s a good-to-have but not really necessary. In those cases, get rid of them.

Another option is to have different screens depending on what you want to show. So instead of having everything in one screen and using visibility conditions to determine what to present, have different screens depending on what you want to show and set the conditions in the action.

It won’t always be possible, but by doing the mental exercise, you might find different ways of presenting the information that will improve its performance.



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This is timely. I’ve add to rework UI to rid my app of elements that don’t offer a ton of value.