Why would you automatically close all topics after 10 days?

seriously, there are so many similar topics which only need to be opened because it’s not possible to reply to a topic when it’s inactive for 10 days. Why not use an Issue tracker similar to github where issues can be marked as resolved?

Hi Silentrunner, good question!

The reason we do this is for several reasons but mostly because things can get outdated extremely fast.

Adalo is always changing and updating and the way something was done previously might not be the way it is done now. By closing topics after 10 days, we can avoid the common reopening of topics that often leads to miscommunication or disinformation.


@Colin but if you close the issue when it hasn’t been solved at the point of closing but there is a solution later on then this solution can’t be postet even though a lot of users might end up finding the closed yet unsolved topic through a google search.

I think the person in charge has changed to @jessehaywood , but I could be wrong.

Yes, I agree, never close the thread even if there is solution is marked, the beauty of the forum is to get older posts, unlike synchronize communication such as slack that made it difficult to search for older posts that were gems.

I think most people in this forum are nice, perhaps all, so keeping those threads open forever even from official ones are not harmful.