10 Days isn't enough for forum replies

Since I don’t see a category where to post forum related questions to Adalo community leaders, therefor I’m posting it in the Help category.

I think 10 days isn’t enough for replies for a community that’s still in its infancy. It’s best to increase it to at least 30 days, if not more. As a newbie to Adalo, I’m coming across many posts that I want to partake.

Also, I would advise to add the following categories as well.

  • Share Ideas for the Forum
  • Off Topic (discussions about no code in general, etc., not Adalo specific)

Take it from a former community evangelist of a popular open source platform. I’m enjoying what I’m seeing so far and hoping to launch a successful app with Adalo in the near future. :slight_smile:


Bumping this to reset the 10 days. :slight_smile:


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Yeah I’d also agree. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for the community to reply. Once the community is even bigger and there’s more back-n-forth exchanges, then maybe 10 days may be enough. Right now, something longer than that will prove useful.

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