Will my app need an update for simple photo changes?

So whenever my app is published, and I want to change the “daily photo” on the home page. Once I replace the photo with a new one in the Adalo editor will the app need to update in order for clients to see it? Or will it instantly change the current photo without an update? Thanks!

(Note: The image component will not be moved or scaled differently. It remains in the same spot at all times, just simply removing and adding a different photo)

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If I am correct. A change like that will not need an update. The changes should take effect once the user reopens or refreshes the app.

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Hello @GeneralJWS

You can change your photo in real time with the published app only if you use the database to show it. If is a static image uploaded by you, the app will need to be updated.

The database changes are automatically updated on the published app as well.

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Just the answer I was looking for. Thanks guys!

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