XANO - Sort list of Restaurants by Category via dropdown


I have XANO database. One of my sections is a list of Restaurants and i’m trying to have the drop down on my restaurant listings allow the user to sort by Category. For example, I have a table for Collection for Restaurant Categories that is linked to my Restaurants Collection in Xano. I have one called BBQ and one called POUTINE.

When I try to sort via Adalo I get blank results.

Any help appreciated. Built my app in Adalo and it worked flawlessly – but it was SLOW. I moved everything over to XANO except for my user database and trying to recreate some of the functionalities that I need before I publish.

Hi @jsecompany,

Am I correct of what you need? : Adalo and Xano Restaurants filter_edit.mp4 - Google Drive

By sort you meant filter?

Thank you

Holy! That is exactly what I’m looking to do! Thank you so much.
I will implement this later tonight when I’m back to my desk.

I have some other questions I will create some posts for – amazing help and really appreciate you taking the time to create that walkthrough. Much appreciated!

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Worked perfectly! I actually changed it to a text field and sorted by name instead of integer – and it worked. Thank you so much.

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