YouTube Component

Someone tried to use the YouTube component with “autoplay” and it worked? I used multiple ways and it doesn’t work. Thanks.

Can you share some screenshots of how you have it set up? Or a video would be better if possible.

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YT link of AirTable base.
YT original video: (is listed)

Adalo plays the YT video ok both in its web view and in the new component, in fact I would tell you that there is no difference. If it weren’t for the “autoplay” button, which as it doesn’t work is the same as using webview.
An important detail is that in the app preview, the YT “full screen” button does not work in the phone preview mockup, but opens a new tab in the chrome browser. So you can’t test how it looks a full screen video of YT.
Thanks Colin

It plays fine automatically for me. What browser / operating system are you on?

I use Chrome, in mac.

Plays on chrome on web preview but not on web app on mobile

It works ok in Safari. Is there a way that the name of the youtube video (with link to youtube) is not seen at the top and the play buttons at the bottom?

In Chrmoe it does not work in the preview for me, I only use chrome on desktop to do the test

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