I would really like some guidance on...video autoplay

Hi guys,

first time posting and hope I would be able to get some insights.

1.I am trying to create a normal screen to play video contents (using Plyr component) and want it to autoplay immediately upon landing on that screen.

I see the “options” where I can select “Autoplay” to be On but when I go into Preview mode, it doesn’t autoplay.

Is it only because its in preview mode? or would the published app experience the same issue?

Thanks a lot.

Hello @Harris, welcome to the community! We had this issue before and we tried to test the app on mobile phone and also on the Adalo previewer. In previewer sometimes wasn’t working, but on the phone it does. And also, I saw this problem was because of the video format (the video wasn’t starting and was displaying a black screen) and I uploaded the video on Adalo database and I copied the video link. For the video component we used this link instead of upload the video directly and it worked. Now, if you don’t figure that out you can schedule a meet with our team and we’Il help you Schedule a meet here

Thanks for the response @Boglex . I will try it out one more time.

Hello @Harris, I have been using Plyr component for displaying video on my app for >6 months now.
If you can share a link to your app, I would be glad to have a look.

From my experience, the video will NOT autoplay in many browsers due to their setup (safari, chrome and many others won’t autoplay video). Similar to the mobile browsers too. Native apps will autoplay without this issue.

Few thoughts regarding using AutoPlay in apps built with Adalo:
In the early days, I wanted my videos to autoplay because I thought it was good and is a better user experience. This is true if the apps are fast. But with Adalo, there are many apps that are slow in performance due to many reasons (network speed, DB structure, etc).

After many user tests, I found that autoplaying on the phone (native apps) is not a good experience at all, the video won’t even stop if you move to the next screen which is very strange for me … so I just turn it off completely and we haven’t had any complaints.

Having said all that, video autoplay was not crucial to our app. If it is important for your use case, I would recommend checking this out. Vertical Video for Adalo | NoCode Monkey

I saw the Demo and looks pretty cool! @Michael from No Code Monkey could help answer your questions regarding this component. Good luck!

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