YOUTUBE marketplace plugin not working android


I have launched an android app and the YouTube plugin is not working.

Need it looked at ASAP

Hi Hugh, which app? Is it only not working on Android?

Gig up

Only on android at the moment

this will prevent out beta launch of GIG UP LIVE

I get a video unavailable error. Is this what you are referring to?

Yes but works on web app??

The web app / pwa uses different libraries for the component so there may be an issue in the Android one. I have already created a bug report for the developers.

Please mate me are meant to launch beta of GIG UP LIVE on Friday

Hi there, this is Ashley with the Customer Experience team following up on this issue. We have verified that the link you are trying to use will not allow use because of copyright. We receive a notice on the video stating, “Video Unavailable This video contains content from UMPG Publishing, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds”. We also tested it in an iFrame checker and there is script prohibiting it from being used in an iFrame. We did test with other YouTube links and the component is working.

Why is the link working on the web app and on YouTube?

Ashley your response is incorrect. I have not tested 20 videos from music to cat videos and NONE of them work.

If you’d like to send me a few more links I’d be happy to test them and have our dev team revisit the ticket. When we view the Youtube link that was in the database of your app it does not show in the US in web or mobile or just on Chrome. The component works, but the video does not. A thumbnail is seen, but when we try to play it we receive the copyright warning. The YouTube component is an iFrame and sometimes outside links place code that restricts use in the iFrame. We tested the component using a different youtube video (one from our Adalo channel) and the component is working and playing the youtube link. I’m happy to test a few more for you as well.

Hi Ashley can you send me the link of the video that you said is working? I’ll plug it in and test.

All.videos are working on web app version.

Here is the one that I used when testing:

OK that works but im still confused why the video works on web app both on the phone and the computer but not the app?

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