2 Sign in pages


I’m creating an app with both user and partner sign in components.(partners are merchants who would offer goods to users).

When I create a data collection for partners and link the partner sign up page to it, it removes all fields except partner name. I can’t get business name fields, email address fields, etc to come back.

Any ideas?


Could you send screenshots or a screen recording of your issue to better understand what is happening? Thanks

Sure. I actually found where to add additional information, except for Password in partner signup. Any idea where to find that component in the database? Tried looking under “Add Property”, I must just be missing it.

Thanks so much,

You don’t need and should not have 2 separate user collections. You should just add the fields needed to the user collection and show different fields in different forms.

Here are some screenshots to get you started. You can copy the built in sign up page and set the fields to show. You could also add an “isMerchant” boolean to the user collection and set the value automatically based on which sign up page the user sign ups with.

Screenshot 3

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