Adding data to sign up page

Hi All,

I am new to this Adalo experience and have hit a little roadblock.

I am setting up my sign up page on my new App.

The current Fields are

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Password

I would like to add a new field that gives the user a few options to select from.

So for example once the user has filled the above fields the next step would be to select say ‘City’

I would like then a dropdown or list of options for the user to select, Say

  • London
  • Liverpool
  • New York

And so on. This is more for further down the line on my application where I will be able to collect the data of where each user is based and group them together. I have considered them manually entering this field however there could be spelling mistakes and so on.

If anybody could help that would be great.


Hi @karimgommari ,

There are 2 ways to let users add more information when signing up.

But first of all, there should be fields added to users collection, such as relationship field to city collection.

1st is to put intermediary screen after sign up action, so the link action will not go to home screen immediately, this screen will ask for other information and there is a button to submit, then it goes to home screen.

2nd is in welcome screen, but it depends on the use case of the app, some don’t like it.
in welcome screen, put all other information needed and have a sign up button to link to sign up screen, then as usual after signup action, link action can go to home screen.

In other words, before sign up or after sign up screen.