25s timeout on askChatgpt custom action


Almost all of my “ask chatGPT” actions fail with no response (Adalo native feature).
After contacting support with absolutely no help to resolve the issue, I finally found out the root cause by myself.

I discovered that we can edit the ask chatGPT api call:

I used it that to test a typical prompt made by my app. And the result is that it times out after 25s:

I tried setting the temperature or the max number of tokens, but there is no simple solution to reduce the time it takes to perform the request.

I’m using 3.5-turbo which is supposed to be fast…

What can I do ?

Thanks !

Ok I found a solution. For anyone having the same issue, go to your openai API account and try to move up to TIER2 (50$ spent) and TIER3 (100$ spent) for rate limit. It improves the time openai API calls take.