Open AI / Chat GPT

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up an app with Chat GPT / Open AI.

I’m using the built in Adalo custom action, but it’s not returning a response. I just have it set up very simply for test purposes.

I have it changing the input on a text input, but also creating a record in the DB and both are blank.

My account is still the free trial version, not sure if that is what the limiting factor is or not.

Here are some screen shots:






Thanks in advance for the help!

click the pencil and run a test request and see whether the api is correct

It is not, it’s different then the one I have saved in settings in Adalo.

Update: I just used their API to create a custom action. Not sure why the API key isnt flowing through properly.

If you create your own custom action it works fine though.

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