3 time same API requests on page load

I notice in the inspector that Adalo is doing a lot of API calls to my custom collections.

Actually, even when I link to a completely empty page, it still loads request some lists. There must be some reason behind it (eg. pre-load next and previous page or so?)

Can someone explain me Adalo’s logic?

Also, when I load a list (custom, or simple, doesn’t matter), Adalo seems to run the same API Request 3 or more times.

I asked my engineers about this and they did say it’s likely due to us 1) pre-loading “nearby” data from other screens so when you jump to them it’s fast and 2) making sure the components on the current screen are staying up to date with the latest db info.

Hi @adalojosh thanks for your reply.

Yes, I also think it has to do with the pre-loading nearby data but that would be mainly interesting if that would be different data than the current page.

It loads the exact same data 3 (or 4 or more) times, with the exact same response.