A/B Test Sign Up Pages?

Hi all! I’m looking to create a few different landing pages from which I can sign up users. Would this be best done through Adalo screens or a secondary platform like leadpages or unbounce?

I want the user to be able to sign up and have it automatically take them to the home screen (without having to login again). The purpose of this is to test conversion rates for different sign up pages. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Kevin, yes it’s possible, made a video to explain this here:

Thanks @theadaloguy ! That was a very helpful tutorial! One more quick question on that. Let’s say I wanted to send a social media ad to the very first sign-up screen. Would there be a way to A/B test that first login/sign-up screen to see which one drove the highest sign-up rate? (So A/B testing the first sign-up screen before someone has created an account)

I think this would require having multiple URLs that I could send users to based on which screen I’d like to test, and I’m not sure whether or not that is a capability of Adalo at this point.

If you are sending them from outside Adalo, adalo doesn’t have that right now except for cloning your app and having duplicate apps to send them to

Ok thank you for the info! One last question if I may. Is there a way for different types of users to be taken to different home or default screens. I know how to set a home screen for everyone (for people that are already logged in), but can a parent, for example, be taken to a different home screen than a child user would be taken to? (so I would have the ability to select parent or child upon sign up and then have a different default screen depending on the user type)

Yes you’d have a pre homescreen and then set multiple actions on that page.

Link - kids homepage (sometimes happens) if Logged in user > Kid > is true

Link - parent homepage (sometimes happens) if Logged in user > parent > is true

Ah ok I would need a pre-homescreen then got it. Thanks for the help!

Yeah it could just be blank and the actions will automatically redirect

Oh I didn’t know you could do that! How would I go about creating an action that automatically redirects to another screen without the user having to click something?

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