How can i show different home screen to different users?

I’m still a new user of Adalo, but i’m in process :slight_smile:
So I wish to provide my users with different types of home screen. Before they get to home screen, they move through a little survey, where they need to choose an option (4 options totally). Then because of the chosen option AND day of launch I need to show them a particular home screen.
How can I set it up? Basically I can’t find out how to use the day in the app or launch day of user as a condition to do something. I’ll be grateful for help.

Also it’s crucial for me to log what particular answers are chosen by particular users.

Hi @e.makarevich09 ,

Your interpretation of of home screen is different than what is defined in Adalo, home screen in Adalo is where user is directed when they are logged in.

So if you want to ask for a survey, you have to redirect them from home screen to survey screen.

You can have conditional link to redirect users to any screens, have as many as link actions you need but put conditional on them, but the last link action can be without conditional.

About answers, it will depend on how many combinations that are possible, that is how many screens you need to set up.

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This is doable with a true/false parameter on the user collection. Call it “onboarding complete”

When a user first signs up, walk them through your onboarding screens where you ask the questions.

On the last onboarding screen, update the logged-in user to mark the onboarding complete parameter as “true”.

On your actual “home screen” (the one users will go to after they’ve answered the questions), add a countdown timer that links to the first onboarding question. Set the visibility of the countdown timer to sometimes visible if logged-in user onboarding complete is false.

This will force the user back to the onboarding questions if the user has not completed the onboarding process.

You can see in this tutorial video I have it set up in a similar way: How to verify a user's email address upon registration using Adalo - YouTube

I’ll try options with true/false, thank you!
But still there is actual for me how can I count the day that app is launched? Or is it this countdown timer you’ve mentioned? @Flawless

You can use “Logged in user > created date” for validating that. Depending on how you have it set up, there are several ways to accomplish it.

For example in a calculation:
Use a calculation INT(Current time minus logged-in user created date) and that will give you the number of days the user has been signed up for. You can store this number in a number parameter:

Then, you can use it in the action:

For example in a date verification:
In an action, sometimes if logged in user’s created date is before 1 day ago (or your preferred set amount of days).

It feels that i almost get it, but still can’t find how to set the date that I need.
I need not a day from sign up, but the day of launch.
For example:
User signed up on 1st of June. If he comes to the app on the 2nd June, it’ll be his second day in app. If he skips 3rd of June and come only on 4th, it’ll be his 3rd day of launch.
And this days of launch is like a base to the content I can provide to them.

P.S. thank you for all your advice, it’s so cool!!!

Use a date picker and an input.

Set the default value of the input to new formula. Add the date picker’s value to the new formula.

Use this to grab the number of the sign up date. That’s the number you’ll use to calculate. Then, you can delete this screen. You only need the number.


The next part in order to know which day they’re on is a lot more complicated to explain. You’ll need another number input and a date parameter. You need to increase the count of the number input based on the date parameter.

Great, i’ll try!
I also thought about the following method:

  1. When user opens app first time he gets the property ‘day number’=1
  2. Next days, when he comes to home screen, this property updates by ‘+1’

It seems that by this formula I’ll get the necessary data, what do you think?

Exactly. That’s what I said.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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