A beautiful mess I can take no longer...for now! Thanks to those who tried to help!

@Ben I tried to remain honest, empathetic & professional but was only, nicely and professionally ignored and disrespected on many level$! I’ll ask once more before you charge us once again in two days and I’ll probably be repetitive in this post!!!

“Here’s my (one of many) initial question via ticket & email that got no response”: I’ll now include my frustrations, loss, experience and proof / screenshots. To be honest at this point, “I’m pissed”!

I need to pause my account until Adalo fixes it’s issues with performance AND customer service or I would like my money back for all months I built and rebuilt apps trying to get the finished web app(s) to function quickly / properly and in the mean time… missed our deadline losing possibly 6 figures monthly. I now have to rebuild somewhere else, again.


(That was on 7/13 and today is 7/21/21 and still no reply yet…ignored again)

“Sorry”, does NOTHING after awhile and this much LOST opportunity, energy, time and money makes me furious. I took MUCH time to try and determine if the Adalo platform, customer service, price / reward and the company’s honesty as a whole showed enough promise to be the right fit and was failed to the point of being so frustrated I can’t even bare to re-visit the builder to see no-response, offline, minutes to type in text, app is offline, test to find slow lists and changed layers if I had to move something and on and on.

I have trimmed our app down to almost nothing but buttons trying to load a modal with a list or form, while lists remain extremely clunky, unresponsive and slow, on top of months in the forums (thanks to those who try to help and try to remain positive while doing so!)…I’ve sent tickets asking questions & confirmation to save weeks of time all to get incorrect replies and then no reply to the next two responses (yet an email to say the ticket will be closed due to no activity with the ticket while I’m waiting for a response…again).

:persevere: Screenshot:

I’ve had enough for now!!! Your customer service is “horrible currently” and I’m out of patience after everything your company has costs us in time, opportunity, stress, money, expert payments and more. This is not me having a bad attitude, this is me showing proof in screenshots. I tried to stay professional and empathetic to your growing pains but being told sorry after repeatedly being ignored when this is our entire business, reputation and personal finances at stake. We were mislead to believe Adalo is at a point that it IS NOT!! And then ignored again, when trying to save everything we built for a later date when you get the problems TRULY RESOLVED!

Your appeasing update page does NOTHING REAL! I see that the experts and staff have to also defend this promise to MANY people trying to run a business. (Some of you should be greatly rewarded) You act like we should all just fund you, wait on you and accept your apology when we lose possibly millions due to the timing controlled only by your real performance issues. That “could be” acceptable if we knew that going in AND IF YOU DID NOT IGNORE THIS VERY REAL EXPLANATION AND REQUEST FOR PAUSING OUR ACCOUNT OR MONEY BACK before you charge us in two days and then say sorry, our policy includes no refunds! BUT YOU DO NOT! So here is the only NEXT step I guess.

I would like to downgrade to free and NOT LOSE all of my custom actions I figured out how to accomplish and also paid an expert $350 to create for us. I cannot pay $50/month to learn that in the end your platform does not perform and I have to wait until it does to build AND LAUNCH true professional apps that do not have mysterious issues / missing data / etc, with no changes even made to the app and lots more issues I won’t go into. I have lots of determination and proof!

I NEED to pause our account (as I have more data rows and functionality above and beyond the free plan…built-in to our app, that’s just not good enough to launch and create customer service issues for ourselves while answering performance questions from our WOULD BE MANY CLIENTS) and to “not lose” all custom actions created. OR, I would like our money back for all of the months that I paid you just to lose our window of opportunity anyway as it was very misleading for what we wanted to do (web app only even). Either credited for when you are finished fixing all issues with performance or a return of our money please. We’ll go from here, thanks! Reply asap please and thanks.

I think the Adalo platform is an amazing mess to be honest and not at all happy about the misleading experience that cost me / us sooo much!!! I think it may soon be the absolute best platform available! I tried EVERYTHING TO BE understanding, honest, empathetic to your current challenges and support is non-existent which is too much to bare!!!

:persevere: More Screenshots:

Missing and changed items in the app… when nothing has been changed in the builder, things mysteriously move or disappear, I currently can’t get past a white screen after clearing cache (etc) and everything worked when I last had to step away due to frustration of non-responsiveness and no answer to my ticket(s).

Hats off to those of you still defend all of this service but I cannot do it any longer with everything lost!!! **
** I can’t even get my account paused when they are going to charge me again in two days!!!

Please let us know when the platform is “actually ready” and if you are going to honor our request after everything that we invested in your platform or if you are going to force us to delete all of that “paid learning and progress” by continuing to ignore it and charge us anyway as it appears in two days!! Thanks!!!

Nothing else has worked…

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What kind of computer are you using, and processor? Example: (MacBook Pro M1)

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I can’t seem to delete this post @Ben or whoever replied via email. So could you either remove it for me or at the least here is the solution for anyone who may read it.

I received a reply from Ben pausing the account and clearing up that the actions do not actually get removed if you downgrade to a free account. The determination is that a web app is just not supported at the current time as apps and larger apps especially, should have a pwa version for mobile phone use.

Long story short, I got an apology, explanation & paused account. Delete if you would like to but I can’t seem to do it on my end. Thanks!

I was going to post a respectful update but it’s closed so I’ll edit this post…

{Update: You do not lose the actions you created, you only lose access to them until upgrading. According to Benny, our account did get paused or “downgraded to free account level when I sent my ticket in requesting it” I just didn’t know it because there was no communication of it. I’ve been stressed for over a week about losing our entire opportunity due to web app not functioning fast enough AND thinking I was going to lose all of our actions above and beyond that free level while having to pay to do it. This is why I said beautiful mess mostly and responded this way. Zero responses to problems on this level is what made me post this. I love this platform and can’t wait for it to all come together! I feel it WILL BE the best no-code platform in time and gambled on that…twice and probably will a third}

***Adalo, I have some ideas of what I think would be great ways to clear up, simplify and guide new users into the right direction that won’t tax their brains too much if they are no-coders with many other hats! To newcomers who may read this, I wear so many hats that I may have seen the answer to some of this somewhere, sometime but do not remember it all. I would recommend “private messaging” staff or experts to explain what you need to accomplish, the target market, the “target devices” your users will be on (even if wi-fi, mobile or both) including how you will want to display your information / data and get some recommendations on how best to build it right the first time. ***

***Myself, I want no part of feeding the overcontrolling nature of Apple / Google to build native apps, as well as all of the headaches I see being forced upon developers. Some native phone features may not be necessary but rather a trend making newbies think they are a requirement. Weigh out whether you want to “feed the giants” or alter a few features with a PWA instead of native apps that just work on all devices. ***

The webApp produced by the Adalo platform does work great / fast on desktops (even with lists and several lists within lists) If you need a mobile portion to your end solution, build a PWA or a native Apple/Google app and share the database between your web app and the mobile version. Hopefully the lists within the mobile version functions better than our did and if not it may soon. It just didn’t happen soon enough for our situation, thinking that a major update was coming soon. We rolled the dice, big and lost.

I think the Adalo team has done amazing things and wouldn’t expect them to be perfect, AGAIN, the imperfections really cost us and I don’t have it in my nature to remain quiet to remain popular in the forums or not help others by simply being honest when needed, aggressive when necessary and empathetic the entire time.

Thanks Ben!

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@appwebmobile. We try to keep as much content up on the forum, for better or for worse, and generally only move to delete malicious content(scams, spam, and phishing), or inflammatory. I think yours doesn’t apply on either of those fronts, and I’d much rather it stay up with your following comment, and I’ll post a summary from my replies as well!

We really don’t want this to be a cherry picked perfect view of building with Adalo. It’s not perfect, we admit that, but by golly are we working on it. And making progress every single day! And we appreciate and use feedback in any way it comes in. It’s the only way we know where to focus our finite time and energy when we are making changes.

For the summary. I replied to @appwebmobile to let them know that I had paused collection on their account until I was able to get a meaningful reply to them, and come to a understanding and I could explain that the Pro features and work would not deleted. Just unavailable until the plan is upgraded again. I did it this way to ensure there wasn’t another charge taken out before I was able to give a meaningful reply.

To the best of my knowledge, the Webapp route taken here, with current Adalo Webapps behavior, wasn’t going to yield the right user experience for the apps audience. Even though there was a ton of work and thought put into to make it function really well across all devices, it just wasn’t going to generate the best UX, or function for the business purpose it was designed for.

I acknowledged full responsibility to the lacking response times, that is 100% on me. And have committed to the work we are doing to create better systems. We have also grown the team so the pieces are all moving into place.

Ultimately, we worked out a path forward, and I want the best outcomes for @appwebmobile in their endeavor!