Adalo does not respond to customer support

I have tried to be patient and I was not going to post here in the forum, but now my patience has come to an end. I have emailed Adalo over the past week 4 times, trying to get a response and have not got ONE measly reply. It says you respond to emails sent to within 8 hours. This is a lie. I also emailed head of support Ashley, who has also not replied.

What you don’t know is that I can see when someone has opened the email. All of my emails have been opened. One of my emails was opened 18 times, but no reply! This is extremely ridiculous. I then asked for someone here in the forums to reply to my email. And again, no help.

I will now be cancelling and if anyone asks me about Adalo, I will tell them, DO NOT BUY because they cannot answer a simple email.

Before I was cancelling because I wasn’t sure if Adalo would fit my needs. I went straight into Pro to test things out with the app, so I can get a feel for all it’s features. I scoured the forums and read all documentation for the information I needed and came to the conclusion that right now Adalo wouldn’t meet my needs, so after a full day of doing my research and only 1 day of having the subscription, I was cancelling and requesting a refund (which should be doable because I did not have it for long). But now I’m cancelling because support is unresponsive.

I am extremely disappointed. I still had a little faith that maybe when more features were added I could come back and test out my idea, now I’m just done with Adalo. If a support person here would kindly reply to my request for help I would appreciate it. I am still requesting a refund.


I could not find out how to contact support either. I also had my account for 1 day but determined it was missing a few features, now I have found out how to do what I need and want to re-activate but have no way to do so.

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I’m in the same boat! It’s so frustrating! Especially given they have a good product you’d like they’d staff some support reps. It’s a bit of a red flag.

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Its although I doubt they will respond. On another thread I read that they prioritize pro and paying members so your email may not be answered until you upgrade.

Don’t get your hopes up. I am a paying member on the $50 a month plan, and I have not received any sort of support whatsoever. I even pulled direct emails for CX staff and tried that too - nothing. Maybe only the people on the $200/mo plan are worth their time.

It is very discouraging to read these kinds of posts.

I understand the frustrations that they stem from and I can only apologise that you have had this bad experience but I can assure you that we do take support and customer satisfaction very seriously. We have not perfected this by any means and we are fully aware of our pitfalls and constantly working to improve them.

Instead of making excuses for the points mentioned, I want you to know we have some big changes coming up for our entire support flow to address these problems you have mentioned. I am sorry to hear we will lose you as a maker on our platform and I hope you will revisit soon and notice a changed support process.


Good morning, how did you cancel the Adalo?

Not true. Atleast in my case. I had to contact the support a couple of times for small bugs and i got good and satisfactory response from the team. I am on a paid 50$ plan.

More importantly, this forum and the feature request section and bug tracker sections cover almost all the topics which are searchable. That gives the idea of whats possible and whats not and with short learning curve you get things done.

Thanks to excellent community members like @Victor, @prakharm8 @AXIOM @pfordmedia and many more, its easier to build with adalo.

And most importanly, you have @Colin to help you out. I just browe these forums and learn by reading his answers to other’s posts.

I appreciate the fact that team Adalo is transparent enough about what they can do/can’t and accept the weaknesses and work on them. I have seen tremendous improvements in the last one month itself, but for some glitches and setbacks which are part and parcel for any startup which scales so fast.

@Colin please don’t feel disheartened by one critical feedback. You are doing a phenomenal job. Am sure the team will solve @Londya’s issues soon and make him happy again. :blush:


Kamal’s point is true. Her point about there being a lot of posts in the forum but not everything is there. I hope with the improvements coming that there will also be lots more tutorials For people like myself who aren’t natural developers and are somewhat non-techy. I received an email from Adalo stating that they had an outage, which is why they were unable to respond. I appreciate them getting back to me. I usually don’t make posts like this and try to be as patient as possible when it comes to customer support, but I just wasn’t sure what was going on or if I was being scammed lol. Glad we got that cleared up.


After logging in, In the upper right hand corner, click on the profile avatar. Then click on the billing tab. Then click change plan and downgrade to free.

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When you set up a business like adalo, I think the owners have to take on board that when you are charging people a minimum of $50.00 per month you MUST provide realistic and comprehensive backup!

In saying that I am sure that although many people realise this is a self build app with some support for items that dont work or tech issues, some users simply want Adalo staff to just show them how to do stuff of build some of the app for them and show them how it was done. Like people like Shopify etc

This is all fine and good but Adalo is a TOOL to build apps “yourself”. Some things can be done and I guess some cant ! Some people may want to build apps or facilities that replicate stuff like WhatsApp which dont sound relaistic baring in mind how much money people like whatsapp will have poured into the App and how many people they have working on it.

I think its all about expectations from the public. Some out ther have expectations that are just not realistic. Maybe for those that sign up for the Paid plans they should get a higher level of support, but I imagine that “some” if not many complainers are on the Free plan and as such will have to figure out a lot more on their own .


Thank you for this info @Londya !
Oh. Hope they will also get back to me because my problem was not answered yet, while I’m a PRO plan customer.

Love the Adalo idea, but I feel crazy when I paid for the service, and they are just unresponsive at all.

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I understand free plan users not getting support, but I was on the paid plan. If that wasn’t clear already.

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I’m a big supporter of Adalo’s mission and really like what you’ve done. I am a paying member on the $50pm plan. But I do agree with @Londya et al. I haven’t gotten a response from Ashley (maybe she no longer works at Adalo?) or for months. I also usually don’t get a reply to my forum questions.

I would be ok with a response along the lines of “sorry, we haven’t built that feature yet” or “yeah, this is a bug”. I understand there are an infinite amount of things you are trying to do and you can’t do them all at once. Its the lack of response that drives me crazy.

Case in point: is it possible to update Relationship fields with the Adalo API? Totally fine if its not (and super awesome if it is!!). A yes/no answer costs you very little and saves me a ton of time.

I do a lot of customer support myself, and trust me - even if the answer isn’t the one they wanted to hear, people are super forgiving if they just feel like a human is listening to their problem.

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No you can’t actually update relationship fields through the new Adalo API.

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thanks a lot Patrick!

for my learning, how did you find this out? Is there a reference to it in the documentation? Did someone from Adalo tell you?

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Agreed my suggestion was that they should look at the whole plan pricing structure and have at least three paid options plus the free one.

The paid package could maybe offer better support or maybe one to one support. Anyone on the free plan its pot luck or when Adalo get around to answering or you rely on community support help which I have found to be very good !

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Agree is mega frustrating when you have paid and you dont get any kind of reply to email, this is just not acceptable when running a professional business In saying this Microsoft got away with customers finding all the bugs in their program for years and never had to pay them a penny lol

I would guess that its costing Adalo a fair amount to supply the servers for all those people running apps and paying nothing, but its all marketing I guess !

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Yes I agree, I think it might be a good idea to have a low-cost “trial” plan instead of a free plan, that way Adalo can invest more in customer service and they can probably give people more when it comes to free features. I know there were some people complaining that 50 rows is not enough for trying things out. That might be a way to solve that problem.


Agree. I wanted to upgrade to pro plan but the support team cannot answer a simple question and ask me to use the forum. When I’m telling them that I couldn’t find any help, they do not answer to my queries. I like the Adalo ambition but without any strong support it would be difficult … So please guys do something about it… If you are willing to change it as Colin is saying I would be glad to join Adalo… but now I don’t know

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