A better/flexible Dropdown Menu Options

Hi there,

I wonder if it is possible to define Dropdown Menu Options without creating a new collection or using an existing collection.

I want it to function as in web development and/or in online form builders where you can provide the dropdown with a list of possible values.

Hi @kaan,

Unfortunately it is not possible to do it with the built-in dropdown component.
The reason is: this component is a kind of list and it requires a connection to a collection to take values from.

I agree that “regular” dropdown with fixed options could be a very useful component. Maybe some component developer will create it eventually.

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you for your reply Victor.

Maybe @Adalo_CXTeam can improve its current implementation. I find it very unpractical , and probably it is bad practise as well, to create a database table just to have 6 static values in it.

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Yes, there is no enum types :slight_smile: By the way, you can leave your feature request here: https://adalo.canny.io/.


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I just realised another problem this approach creates.

Since you will have drop-down values as database entries when you copy the app those values are lost so you need to enter those values again.

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