Drop-down menu possible?

Anyone know if there’s a possibility to create a type of drop-down menu?
Meaning you press a button and it expands or unfolds to a larger menu.
I would like to design what ‘drops down’ on my own.
Thank you in advance.

Yes, there’s a drop down menu component. You need to relate it to a collection, which defines what options are available.

Here again as mentioned in my other topic comes my understanding of the database as an issue.
I need to create an own collection for which items I’d like to appear in the drop down menu?
Then how do I get those linked to the correct place… can’t seem to find any tutorials really explaining the obstacles I am encountering…

What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want the user to select an item from the drop down then filter a list based on the selection?

I would recommend using lists with relationships. When the user clicks on a list item, take them to the next list filtered based on the previous selection.

I have page with a custom made list (have made rectangles, with a box for photo and text), but some of the objects on the list go under eachother, or at least they could. So to make the list shorter, I would like for the top box to be a drop down menu that says for example “City Center” and then some underlaying categories drop down from there. I can see it being difficult. I appreciate your time nevertheless.

So the information is organised like this?

Area (eg City Center)
= Categories
= = Items

And you want to be able to have a drop down list of Areas, and then when you pick an area you get a drop down list of Categories? Then when you pick a category you get the items assigned to that category… is that right?

Hi again,
I’ve come further these last 30 days, and have created a drop-down menu.
But no action available for when clicking one of the items in the menu?