Creating a Drop Down Menu

Hi there, I’m trying to create a drop down menu for an app I’m making but I don’t want the drop down menu to be based off of user data. Basically I want a user to be able to select different errands, and then once they’ve selected a type of errand I want it to take them to a setup page based off of the errand they selected. Is it possible to do this without inputting data?

Hi @mdempsey,

If you’re talking about Dropdown Menu from Forms&Fields section - then you have to use a collection to populate a dropdown with choices. In your case, you could create collection “Errand types”, keep just the Name, populate it with several errand types and connect dropdown to this collection.

Generally speaking, this collection will store auxiliary data, not a user-related one.

Other option - you can use buttons (and this will be easier, if you have different static screens for each errand type).

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