A better Slider element (not image slider)

Hi there,
I created a feature request for the improved slider element.

Please vote for it here if you think it will be useful.

Here is the reason why I want it to be improved.

I want to use the Slider within the form but current implementation does not allow this.
Currently you need to preconfigure what the slider value changes using the “What Property Does This Adjust?” setting.

This would not work in a form scenario since the object that the form is supposed to create hasn’t been created yet.
We need to a normal, weblike slider where we can pass the value of the slider when we create an object using an action after the form submission.


Interesting. I can take a stab at it.

Hey @kaan
So are you just needing the slider data as Magic Text?
Our Multi-Slider does this so it might be able to work for you in that case.

If you can give me some more details I can check it out for you.

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Hey @Michael ,

Thanks for your reply. You are right I want to pass the value of the slider input when the form is submitted.

I’m little scared of 3rd party plug-ins in Adalo platform. I have the feeling developers might just give up due to lack of meaningful income and then the app’s functionality might break.

You don’t have to worry when it comes to working with me or @Michael

There have been a few developers that did throw in the towel, but we’re still here rockin’ with Adalo :sunglasses:

I haven’t tried the multi-slider yet, but if he already has the component that does this, then I recommend that one. :100:

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I checked the plugin of @Michael but it won’t work in our usecase since it has multi sliders where min and max values are defined. I’m looking for a single slider which passes a single value.

Oh I see. We have a single one as well.
I can actually let you test it out. We didn’t release it broadly since Adalo has the other component.
I’ll send you a DM.

oh hello, it’s good that you are still alive, answer the question on the calendar, otherwise it was developed and there is no support, how do you continue to buy? I thought you provide the best service.

Hey @TonyS ,
I responded in our DMs.