Slider and Checkboxes in Form

I want to create a form with a slider and various checkboxes to create an entry in my database. But I can neither access the slider value nor the value of the checkboxes. What am I doing wrong?

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Are you using true/false values in the collection?

Yes! If I create a form and select the collection as data source the checkboxes work.
But if I create an individual checkbox I can not not access its value. Same problem with the slider.

The form works now. But I want to use the slider as input for the number and limit the input values to a range.

Hey @felix

The slider can only update records that have already been created. This means that you cannot use the slider on the same screen where the record is being created.

What you can do is break down the creation process across 2 screens. The first one is with the form to create the record. Then link to the next screen that has the slider. You can then use the slider to update a value for the “Current Item” record that was created on the previous screen.

Alternatively, you can have the record created from the previous page before the form screen and then use the slider to update the value of the record. You would just switch the form from a “Create” action to an “Update” action.


Thanks! Maybe I can solve the problem by creating a “draft” entry before the form loads and edit the draft with the form instead of creating a new record. This way I should be able to use the slider on the samee page!

Btw would theoretical be possible to create a slider component that can access the attributes of ui elements instead of database entry? This way the slider could change the value in a text box for example.

That’s what I said to do… lol

And to answer your other question. Yes, theoretically, it’s possible to create a custom component. You’d have to either develop it yourself or reach out to a developer that can create the component.

Sorry for Interfering!

Or you can create a Number property in the Users collection and connect that to the slider.

You can do this with custom form and a number property in the Users collection if you have User Profiles.

Thank you


Great idea bro. I dig it. @dilon_perera

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Cool! But seems a bit hacky. Or is it normal to use the user collection in this way?

It’s normal to use the user collection for misc things like this. I often use true/false parameters to hide/display information from specific users or sometimes I use a number parameter for misc things like this. Just never thought about using it with the slider like @dilon_perera recommended.

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Normal. Firstly when I was trying to use the Slider Component I thought we need to create the record before entering that screen and that works fine. But one day while I’m reading some forum topics I saw a post by Victor that he says you can create a number property and connect that to the Slider. And then once I tried it works and I’m like “How I missed this? :flushed:

You can find this post :

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My thoughts exactly.

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