Change default value of a "Slider"


I found a very useful Slider by Adalo in the component marketplace.

Is it possible to change its default value?
I.e. I want the marker to be in the middle of the slider when users first see it.


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Yes. You just have to have a number parameter with the default value set prior to the slider being visible.

For example, if this is a User parameter, add a number parameter. On your sign-up form, set the default number parameter as an automatically filled field with the default number that would be centered. So 0 minimum, 10 max, 5 would be the default number you’d put. Then, when this slider is displayed, the user can drag the slider to whatever value they’d like but 5 would be the default.

You can do this for list items also, it just requires a number parameter. The default number is the number that’s filled in that parameter when the slider loads.

Thanks! But how do I set the slider position to be in the number parameter value? It’s not possible from the Slider settings…

Again, it’s set by whatever parameter you have it linked to. If the default value is empty, the slider will not load in the center, it will load on the left.

So again, if it’s user… on the signup form, I set 5 as the default value.

As long as the number is ALREADY there, the slider will adjust to what the number is.

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Thanks for the detailed response.
I want to slider to always be on 5 (on default). There are no forms and no login for users. Is there a way to do so?

Bro, you gotta explain. Can’t help if you don’t describe what you’re trying to accomplish.

I just want the slider to be default at 5. I don’t have any forms or anything else in my app. I just want the default state of my slider to be 5 (in the middle; 5 out of 10).

I understand that. What does the slider do? What are you using it for? What do you want to happen when the user slides the slider? Is this on the home screen?

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