A big thank you to the Adalo team, and looking for advice on whether this layout is possible for my next app?

Okay so first! I’ve made big coded projects before, have raised over $600,000 in VC funding, generated millions in revenue… But as a non-coding founder I needed to get a whole team together and convince them to bet their futures on my idea.

This particular project I’ve had in my head for waaaaay too long, and was spinning my wheels. I found no-code, and eventually AppGyver, and I thought it was the answer… But it wasn’t very intuitive, and there was a very significant lack of tutorials, but I thought I could do it.

Then one day someone posted about Adalo on Reddit, and I saw that it had:

A> support for user signup / logins
B> payments with Stripe
C> the ability to share a database between two sister apps which I needed
D> it was intuitive and had a lot of tutorials and examples
E> they have a man like Colin who actually helps people


Within a week my entire FULLY FUNCTIONAL app is basically completed, and I still own 100% of it. Like somebody please pinch me. I’m beyond thankful to you all. Thank you.

Now I’m ready to start the second app:

  • Designed to run on a tablet
  • Preferably in Landscape mode (is that possible, or even force it to landscape mode?)

That says “Bananas” before you ask… :wink:

So the idea is that when an order comes in, the first ingredient on the ingredient list on the right is displayed big on the left (Bananas!)

The user clicks the checkmark button to mark it as complete and load the next ingredient in the list.

If they click the X, it brings up a form where they can choose from some options about why they can’t fulfill the ingredient.

Queue: # - shows how many orders are in the queue, Pickup shows how many orders are waiting for pickup.

So is this design achievable in Adalo? I understand there’s still issues around responsivity and columns etc… I’m just trying to make a functional MVP…so I can toss this design and just make it an easier way if that’s a lot less headache.


Oh and finally, assuming the app is open, can I pop-up an order when it comes in (similar to the way Uber does for drivers?) Like the driver is just watching his app and then boom a modal pops up when a ride request comes in.

Anyway, thanks again, I wouldn’t have believed this a week ago.


Hi @parasocks,

For your final question, you’ve inspired me to do some experimenting with the webapp. And this resulted in a tutorial:

As for the other questions - I think most of these is doable :slight_smile:

Thanks for the very kind words @parasocks :slight_smile: This is a great way to start my Monday :smiley:

  • Designed to run on a tablet
  • Preferably in Landscape mode (is that possible, or even force it to landscape mode?)

This may present some problems unfortunately! Adalo is not optimised for tablet and in particular landscape mode. Infact there are still some bugs surrounding moving from portrait to landscape mode.

The rest sounds very achievable and I see that Victor has succeeded in that last task :slight_smile:


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