A daily word off encouragement App

Hi All,

How do i create a daily word of encouragement on the app for my users, so that when they login the first thing they see is that word of encouragement a different one each day, and how do i then set it so that they get notifications to the phone?

Hi @sips,

You would need a collection of the words ( I think you mean quotes right? ) or you can search for an API to connect as a Custom action or an external collection and show random ones!

A example : Some Tips and Tricks by this Semi Noob! 😅 ( Tip No 9 )

To show them when they first open the app you can make a Fake Home screen and add the text component there and make that screen as the Home Screen!

A example : Showing a screen at startup only - #5 by dilon_perera

For send them as a notification you can use the Trigger Notification action!

Thank you

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