Daily reward on my app

Hi everyon, how y’a doin?

My question is very simple, how can I add a daily reweard functionnality to my app, like one-time a day a popup shows.

That’s it

Thank you very much!

  1. Scheduled push notifications
    These have been discussed lots recently on the forum.

  2. In app notifications. So like a pop up that appears when a user opens the app. Once for each day….
    Have a collection of inapp_notifications each record is for a new day, stored under publish_date. Then in your app on the Home Screen, update logged in user last_notification_seen = now.

A list of inapp_notifications filtered to show today’s notification AND greater than LIU last_seen_notification. Set to display 1 record.

I think that’s along the right lines.

You may want a conditional action to load a modal where the list is displayed instead of on the Home Screen itself. Like… Link if LIU last_seen_notifcation = less than today.

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Hello, you can create a popup and add a linking action with advanced options that limit the action to only occurring every 24 hours. Also, you can include scheduled or In-app notifications as @Rozza has mentioned to increase engagement in your app.

Thank you!

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