A DOABLE way to set relationships among many options

Hi guys, I am trying to set a relationship (let’s say set followers for a user) but due to a large number of possible relationships to choose from, it’s literally impossible to do so. Adalo is probably unable to handle too many options or my PC is extremely slow. When I click the option (Update current user - add…) it loads for like 5 mins, then loads for another 5 mins and eventually crashes. So it takes more than 10 mins of mostly waiting with no action in the end. Does anyone have an idea how to do that in any other way? Or can maybe someone from Adalo assist? I am sorry but this performance is unbearable :frowning:

Can anyone from Adalo assist here please?

Which app are you experiencing this with Tommen?

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Hi Colin, I sent a DM :slight_smile:

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