Need help about relationships database


First I’m sorry for my approximative English.

So, I want to make a little social network with people who can follow other people. My issue is that like you can see on the screens the tree of relationships is limitless, I would like to just make visible the publications of followings people, I don’t understand.

An other issue is that, always in a screen, I can’t choose “current user” just “logged in user”, why ???

On the screen, Abonnés / Abonnements = Followers / Followings

Moreover, I would like to allow react and comment but I don’t know if it’s possible neither how, if somebody can help me…

Have a good day as possible,


Hi @bullnet, welcome to Adalo!

What you’re trying to achieve is set out in quite some detail here: Creating the Follow Function in Adalo (Followers and Following Others) - why not have a look?

Hi @dosandco,

I’m sorry, thank you a lot, the next time I will search better before disturb everyone…

Have a good day

I’m having this same issue. I link to a user profile page from a comment.

I am trying to show the follower count for the current user but I don’t get the option in the menu to select “Current User”. It only shows “Logged in User”.

Any insight would be appreciated.

@mauricelogic see step 9 in this tutorial:

You likely need to turn the text that shows a comment’s author into a list of users so that it’s link will pass along a Current User to the profile screen.

Hey Ben! I’ve done this. I have links to User Details from several other pages (events, posts, etc.). Let me check to see if I missed a link somewhere. Stand by…

I found the issue. I had the User Details connected to the “My Profile” as well. Once I un-linked them, I was able to see the “Current User” selection. I guess I have to separate the two.

I originally thought I could send them both to the same page and add conditional visibility to edit the profile.

Thanks for the help!

One more issue…

On the User Profile page I have a list showing the current Followers.

I want to be able to click the user and go to their profile page. Essentially I would be linking back to the same page but with the information of the Follower of the original user.

However, I don’t see a link for the page (which is actually the current page but with new user info).

Do I need to create a “Follower” user page?

Yes, or you can try creating an interstitial page with a screen action that links to your existing profile screen.