Relationships with Adalo API

I’m working with the Adalo API, and its working well, except for one thing. I can’t find a way to set fields of type Relationship. They also don’t appear in the documentation. I can’t find mention in the help or videos of whether they have been deliberately omitted. Am I missing something obvious?

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Hi @mephix
I have the same problem … I agree with you.
In my case this makes my application unusable …

At the moment, this is unsupported as we work towards making improvements to include this within the collections api.

There is a workaround for certain situations:

If you have an external source that is based on UUIDs you can always create a list of things and then filter by the related ID. Of course you would have to update these regularly (something like access to the Element ID would really help here :wink: )

Thanks @Colin, understood.

thanks @AXIOM, not sure I understand exactly what you are saying, does this work to set a Relationship field?

My use case is that I am creating Dates for people automatically and I want to add the Users to their Dates.

At the moment instead of setting the relationship field, i populate different fields with the user emails (which I use as IDs) that I want to add, then I created a separate “admin” app which displays a button for every email I want to convert to a Relationship. I have to click every button individually. Its hard work and only works for my small userbase, but its the best workaround I have right now.

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