A html website with a form and payment

Please note that i know how to do this myself but im currently to bussy to do that.But i wonder how much will you guys charge to code a hgtml page with a form i want it to include a first name ,last name,email, and phone number) now i want ther user to put the same information that they user to login on our app so therefore i want it to have a button that will link it to a new screen where they could make the paypal payment. also i tried to do this with adalo to save time but i dont think adalo have a component where i coud type the paypal code into it will be using paypal button to make payment) Also is adsalo compatible for me to user a paypal button?

Hi @picolpierre1,

If you need someone to create a website with coding I think this is not the place ( This is the No Code universe :wink:). There are websites that you can hire freelancers to build this kind of website. I think this can be done using Adalo too. There’s a Paypal Component made by Complab ( I didn’t use this component still).

And there’s a feature request that you can vote for Payment Gateways.

Thank you

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i am aware that this is a no code platform

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