A problem while transferring database

Does someone know what is happening?

I have been able to transfer the database of the two collections, “Users” and “R”, but only “Reply” collections cannot be worked.

スクリーンショット 2022-06-28 13.27.25

Ive always made sure the columns are in the same order and that the name match, other than that you don’t want to upload too many at a time. I kept it to around 1000 entries at a time.

Lastly, maybe there are some special characters in the text Adalo doesn’t like, you can check that too.

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Correct @Bobby

CSV importing may not work if there are apostrophes, quotation marks, and/or semicolons in the record’s parameters.

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I’ve solved this problem. Thank you so much, @Bobby !

I’ve solved this problem. Thank you so much, @Flawless !

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