CSV Import Error

Hey Adalorians, I am encountering an issue with CSV import to a collection. Its a rather small CSV with only 150 records. Here is what I do:

  • select CSV
  • match columns to properties
  • click import

Adalo promts: “Import Successful”

No records show up in the collection.

Now the performance has been poor in the past days. Is this a know issue or may it be connected to the performance?

This shouldn’t be happening :slight_smile:

Can you provide a link to this csv if possible?

What I’ve found to work nearly always is if you use Google Sheets instead of Excel for the csv creation. You could try importing that csv in to google sheets, then saving it as a csv file from there. Then try the import in Adalo again.

Hi Colin, thanks for the reply. Let me try the google sheets first. I used Apple numbers for creating the CSV.

Thank you, with the google spreadsheet workaround it works (even with special freaky German letters… :wink: )

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