Something went wrong while importing CSV

I´m trying to import a csv to a collection in my database. But I´m constantly getting this error:

Something went wrong while importing CSV
Please reload the page and try again.

It´s a rather big collection (I think) The original spreadsheet has 48 columns and 750 rows. I have tried to look for errors in the csv, but weren’t able to find any.
The only thing I can think of, is that a couple of the database properties in the collection is not included in the csv, so they are empty in the import.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

It seems that there is a bug in the csv. I succesfully imported a shortened version. So I need to find the bug. I am not very good in excel, so if anyone has tips to convert a xlsx spreadsheet to a csv for importing to adalo please share :slight_smile:

Hi @Neccer

Download a csv from your Adalo collection,
Copy your data into that and use it as your file for upload.

There are CSV checker tools available online. Search for ‘CSV lint’.