A Question about IMGIX

The IMGIX parameters are cool but, going through the forum here, it seems IMGIX parameters can’t be applied at the time of user creation. Do I have that wrong? Can someone verify that?

I’d like to reduce the size of photos BEFORE they get into the database to optimize load times.

Hi @DaBoo,

I guess you can’t do this with the Image property and needed a text property. And also I think you can’t use the form component because the image needs to save first in a image property to use that value. But you can do this with a image picker as a custom form! Then in the action you can add the image picker URL and add the parameters and show that URL in the image component!

Thank you

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That’s great news, @dilon_perera, as I’m using the image picker in the custom form.

I guess figuring out the best parameter for optimization is just a matter of trial and error. Too bad the database doesn’t indicate file size…

I ended up using the ?auto=compress&auto=enhance&auto=format parameters and the load times seem much perkier. I uploaded a rather large image [1.29 MB] yet the thumbnails load noticeably quicker.

It’s hard to tell whether Adalo just caught a tailwind or the parameter is doing the heavy lifting though I suspect it’s the latter.

I tired also setting the specific height and width [55 x 55] but the result was horribly blurred. I suspect Adalo already sets those parameters in the background so, essentially resizing twice really created a dog’s breakfast of things.

Users often upload massive images on the order of 3-5 MB when 100KB would do. It’s unfortunate that images can’t be preoptimized at the upload stage as it’s a waste of database space and bandwidth as things are constantly being resized, reoptimized on the fly. In the aggregate this could account for some of the latency issues with Adalo.

It is also possible to implement an additional image compression API if the initial image size is a problem.

You can use an image picker and a button. When a user clicks the button, use a custom action to an image compression API like TinyPNG and then store the returned compressed image with an update user action after the custom action.

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