A small prayer request for Sri Lanka 🙏

Hi Everyone,

First of all I’m really sorry for posting this here ( because this is not a place for that) but I like to say for everyone that I know ( this community is like a family to me ) to pray for our country because I believe that only Jesus can solve this issue :face_with_head_bandage:

I think you’ll know about the current situation in Sri Lanka. ( If not you’ll can watch this video and it’s live : හිරු මධ්‍යාහ්න 11.55 ප්‍රධාන ප්‍රවෘත්ති ප්‍රකාශය - Hiru TV NEWS 11:55 AM Live | 2022-07-09 - YouTube )

I kindly request to you all if possible to pray for our country Sri Lanka :pray: 33 peoples are in the Hospital now :sob: Maybe this will increase :dotted_line_face: All the peoples are in Gall Face now.

I don’t know why the President ( Gotabaya :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ) don’t talk to us or leave the president job :rage:

We all ( Sri Lanka ) really appreciate everyone’s prayers! Only Jesus can solve this issue :pray:

Have a great day.

And if someone replied here I won’t be able to check that soon because currently I’m in the hospital ( when police and army trying stop us they shoot to the sky and ground and unfortunately a bullet hit of my friend’s leg and now we are in the hospital :face_with_head_bandage:)

Thanks again for everyone’s’ prayers!




Stay safe bro, that’s what we face in developing countries like ours…stay safe out there


We pray for you!

Defend yourselves!

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Thanks for everyone’s prayers! Today the doctor said that my friend was saved and tomorrow they will discharge him. I’m like :flushed: Because yesterday the doctor said that his life was in danger and today doctor said that his life is back to normal. HALLELUJAH!

I smiled today a lot ! But yeah not much happy because still our country is in danger :pensive: And I believe Jesus can save our country too! God can do everything!

And also I’m back on the forum and answering questions again ! :wink:

Again thanks for everyone’s prayers! :+1:


Glad to hear you are ok and your friend. Stay safe out there. Fingers crossed for better days.

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Nice to hear you’re all safe out there, thank GOD for your friend

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It is sad to see the situation in Sri Lanka worsening.
@dilon_perera I did not know you were Sri Lankan, my thoughts are with you and hoping that the democratic process can win and the people can bring about change for a positive future. Fabulous that your friend has better prospects for recovery.

I have spent 3 weeks in your beautiful country and found the people there to be wonderfully warm, forward thinking and honest (I met no politicians). Good luck in the challenges you face! Hopefully Adalo can serve as a welcome distraction for you, window to the global economy, a source of hope and if it serves the purpose, a quick App to roll out to the people.

Best wishes!

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We won the main target that Gotabaya leaved the president job :muscle:
But tomorrow will be a danger day because tomorrow a new president is selecting by secret votes inside the parliament. And we all trying to go to the parliament ( because again the same situation will happen. We all need to change the system and develop our country ) and there will be a tough security.

Oh wow! Cool! If you come again let me know and we can meet! Be sure to bring more dollars , foods , medicines , petrol and everything because Sri Lanka is losing them all :joy: But I think not coming until these issues solved will be good!

And yeah, this small island is beautiful but the government and president are not protecting them! They already sold a part of our country to India. I don’t know why they are doing that :triumph:

The only thing we can do for get better days is praying to God and stay with God!

Still the protest is going and for that I’m building a app that people can order foods and they all are free! I’m doing this with a restaurant that the owner is a friend of my father! He said to my father let’s help for this people because we need them and Sri Lanka and maybe these days will be our end.

I was there too and when I heard that it really heartfelt and tears came to my eyes and then I said to him I can help for you too creating a app and then we can tell about this app from many ways and people can order foods and then the workers can see them and deliver them! And he said that’s a really good idea kid! Let’s do that! And in the app some small parts has to be done!

And also me and my best three friends thought to get dollars and use them to bring petrol , gas and everything! And then I suggested let’s help people with what we can! We four are learning web development side in our school and we thought let’s help people with that but select only the projects that we can do like simple projects because we are still learning and not so much good with this!

Still schools are closed ( doing in online ) we also thought to improve our web development side more with some courses so that we can do some more advanced projects too! And also I introduced them Adalo ( and Glide too ) and teaching them how it works and we thought to build and help to people with this too! ( I have some experience building and helping some clients and no much issues there :sweat_smile: )

Yeah, that’s our current life :woozy_face:

Thanks Rozza for your message!

Have a great day!


I always pray for people who live where it is dangerous. I pray for countries that are undergoing a severe economic crisis. It is terrifying when you cannot influence the situation. The protests represent the discontent of the inhabitants with particular circumstances. People are suffering from this kind of life. I am proud of those who are not afraid to participate in protests, even though it is not safe at all. I believe that God will help all those in need if you sincerely believe and pray daily. We should be grateful for everything we have because some people have to survive in terrible conditions. When I can’t attend church, I listen to services at firstchurchlove and pray at home.