Hey Adalo, you need to get this guy a t-shirt or somethin'

I’ve been here in the forum for well over a year now. However, if you’ve been in the forum even for JUST a week… You’ll know that the most helpful person in this forum, by far, is @dilon_perera

Adalo staff, get this guy some Adalo swag and give him the largest plan you have for free. He’s worth it!

Dilon is a youngster with an ambitious mindset. I’m proud to call him a friend and ally.


Thanks My Dude! Appreciated this message!


We fully agree, @Flawless! :smiley: We’re very grateful for the value that @dilon_perera (& honestly, all our Community Leaders!) add to the community. Y’all are incredible :slight_smile: :tada: [A]