A way to limit geolocations?

First off, I think the geolocations feature is a game changer for Adalo. There are a number of ways it’ll make map- and address-related uses easier. But I wonder if there are any known ways to limited the range or area in which the feature is accessible. For instance, I’m working on a business directory app for a specific part of a state, which includes only about 20 cities. Prior to the geolocations feature, I simply set up input fields to capture address details and a dropdown that contained only the cities within my desired reach. However, if i decide to use geolocations instead of manual inputs, people who sign up could essentially attempt to register a business from any location outside of my intended scope.

If there is no way to limit the scope of geolocations, I’ll probably have to revert back to manul inputs on my sign-up screens. I’d appreciate anyone’s thoughts or suggestions on this.

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