Ability to add IFs to formulas?

Hi there
On many occasions, my app needs to look for a correlation between two data points and change a record depending on that outcome. I would love to be able to do this with a single IF statement instead of using the ‘when does this happen’ conditional action multiple times. Adding via this action takes such a long time when you have multiple instances to enter and triggering them all is slow too.

I’d like to be able to enter something as follows (how it works in Excel)…


Is this in any way possible, or do I have to rely on the conditional action feature?

Hi @RobJon ,

I use binary total, which is a proxy variable that we need to update first but can be multiple times with different expressions.

Just search that term in this forum for additional info.

So if you need 4 expressions, use 4 digits
at first if, update the variable as 1000, in you example if somedata>=0
at second if, update with +100, somedata>=18
at third if, update with +10, somedata>=36
at last if, update with +1, somedata>=54
if variable=1111 then empty
if variable=0 then 0
if variable=1000 then 1
if variable=1100 then 2
if variable=1110 then 3

something like that, but you can make adjustments.

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