Ability to filter lists by current selection stopped working?

Hi I’m a bit stuck and looking for some help. I somehow lost the ability to filter by my current selections. In the screenshot below, the second image shows how I can select the “current” program. In the first screen, you see the result if I reselect the same database to populate as a list. I didn’t change anything in my databases or UI…the ability to filter by current selections just went away. I can try and provide more details if necessary.

Solution found - All I had to do was create a new list and I was able to access the data. Still not sure why the list broke though.

Yeah, there’s a problem with button a’d links from screen to screen and list. It always happens to me as soon as I change a list.

To avoid loosing time the next time, don’t delete your list component : remove any link between your list’ screen and the previous screen, rebuild them and it should be okay.

I have the same problem