User Lists Filter Inconsistency

Having a list issue.

I need to create a list of current users who all belong to the same group. For this, you can imagine these being your “friends”.

My issue is this:

In one screen that I made, I was able to successfully select Current Users from the filter list. When I went to create a new list of the exact same users but displayed in a different format, the option for Current users disappeared.

I flipped back to the other user lists and they’re all configured correctly, but I can tell that if I were to delete the filter, I wouldn’t be able to add it back. My only option now is “Logged in user”, which is not what I want, because it only displays the user thats logged in, which is incorrect.

Here are some screenshots of what I mean.

Here you can see the two lists, side by side.

Here you can see the filter options for the list thats working correctly.

Here you can see the filter options for the list thats working incorrectly. (logged in users vs. current users)

Does anyone know why the options aren’t the same for both lists? They’re both custom, and one works and one doesn’t, so I’m stumped.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Hi @steffanhowey :wave::wave:

That because in that screen no data. So it’s only showing logged in user.

Thank you :blush:

From the 1st list are you linking for the second list?

I think do like this. Select the components on the second list and make a list. And set the collection for that list to user’s and click the custom list and try to add the filter to current user. If you linked from the 1st list to this list the data will appear. I hope this will help you @steffanhowey :innocent:

If I’m wrong someone correct me :blush:

Thank you :blush::blush:

I’m a dork. You were right @dilon_perera. Its not that there wasn’t data, but rather that i had incorrectly used the magic text fields for the logged in user vs. current user. Its funny how sometimes its the simplest solutions to problems that you feel the most stuck on.

Thanks for helping me break through this! :slight_smile:

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Your welcome @steffanhowey :blush:

UI is looking nice and clean/professional. Well done and good luck on your app!

Thanks a lot @Briggsy!!

@dilon_perera it turns out that didn’t end up solving it like I had thought. I’m still back at the list options only being logged in users.

There’s loads of data on the screen. Each of those fields in the screenshot is a magic text pulling data directly from the database.

I’m stuck again!


When you link from the 1st screen list to 2nd screen list you can put the filter to current user. Because the current user data also linking.

Hi @steffanhowey,

It seem that there is some confusion with Current User here.

When you add a list of users, normally you will not see the “Current User” option in the Custom Filter. The reason is, that from a list perspective, there is no current user: you have a list of Users, and you filter them by some field parameters.

For instance, if you have a list of Users, add a custom filter Email - is not equal to - Logged in User → Email, then as a result you will have a list of all users except the logged-in one.
Or, if you add a custom filter Crewer - is True, then as a result you will have a list of all users with Crewer property set to True.

The case when you will see Current user will happen if you have this Current User record passed from another screen.
So, for instance, if you would like to have something like this: (1) select some user from the all users list on one screen and (2) display “Friends” for this exact current user on the 2nd screen, then you will have to:

  • create a list of users on the 1st screen, filter it as you want (for example exclude logged-in users)
  • link to the 2nd screen
  • create a list of users on the 2nd screen. There you will have current user (which came from the 1st screen). And then you can filter the 2nd list of users based on some Current user parameters.

Hope this explains the logic a bit.


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This is so helpful @Victor! Thank you!

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